Most Common Side Effects of Pepper Gel

Most Common Side Effects of Pepper Gel:

It’s important to remember this – all effects are temporary.┬áThe major benefit to using pepper gel is it is a non-lethal way to defend yourself and provides you time to escape a dangerous situation

  1. Swelling of Mucous Membranes of Eyes, Nose & Throat

  2. Nasal & Sinus Discharge

  3. Coughing

  4. Shortness of Breath

  5. Drying of the Eyes

  6. Involuntary Eye Closure

  7. Painful Burning of the Skin

  8. Hyperventilation

  9. Psychological Effects: Fear, Anxiety & Panic

Our experience tells us any combination of these effects can last about 30 minutes. If you do have to use pepper gel, wash your hands with soap and water as soon as possible.





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