Is your Child Care prepared?

How would your staff respond to a similar situation?

Man faces charges in attempt to kidnap 2 infants from day care center

In Delaware, the Office of Childcare Licensing (OCCL) requires ALL  licensed childcare facilities to have a lockdown procedure. If you do not have one, you may down load a FREE lockdown procedure from the following link:

Hard Lockdown Protocols

It is critical, Lockdown protocols are followed rapidly. A HARD LOCKDOWN situation means danger is imminent. This could be an intruder on the premises with the intent to kidnap, cause bodily harm or death to employees or the children, such as happened in September 2017, to a childcare center in Delaware.

Locking down your center may not be enough if the intruder has already entered!

Protecting your staff and the children in your care does not require hand to hand combat. In July 2018, the Office of Child Care Licensing approved the use of PEPPER GEL (not spray) to protect your staff and children. The Pepper Gel must be stored in a manner so as to ensure it is inaccessible to the children

The PEPPER GEL unit must be kept out of the reach of children but must be readily available for immediate use.

United States Lockdown recommends Sabre Red Pepper Gel. There are numerous units available and they all contain the same PEPPER GEL.

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