Protecting Students and Classrooms

Once the intruder enters and locates targets, Disabling must be immediate!

The use of Sabre Red Pepper Gel offers a superior option.

Why Every Classroom Should Have PEPPER GEL!

When faced with an intruder or active shooter situation, survival and protection is the primary goal. Not only having the ability to lockdown an environment quickly and safely but being prepared to neutralize a situation is critical as well.

School lockdowns have become commonplace and some districts are suggesting miniature baseball bats or even buckets of river rock to hit or throw at the intruder. These concepts put the staff at greater risk of injury or death since the team member must engage in close combat.

United States Lockdown recommends Sabre Red Pepper Gel be in every classroom. The use of Pepper Gel is superior to Pepper Spray since it has a directed stream and does not disperse in a cone shape. Pepper Gel systems allow the gel to be delivered at a greater distance, usually up to 20% greater (some models will deliver up to 25-30 feet). Sabre Red Pepper Gel will quickly incapacitate the target without affecting the HVAC system.

There are several models available depending on the need.  

Do not be afraid of using PEPPER GEL. The purpose is to protect staff and students during a life-threatening attack. Remember: Keep your distance and protect who you are responsible to protect!

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