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Helping Stop Assailants and Disable Active Assailants!


Everyday in America, schools and offices are put into lock down situations. It can be an active shooter or just an unauthorized intruder.  United States Lockdown realizes that disabling an unauthorized intruder or active shooter must be done quickly and effectively!

Immediate response to the situation saves lives.

DELAY – During an active shooter or active assailant event, reducing the ability to find targets/victims is critical. Covering windows either with a reflective window film or shades prevents visualization into the room. If a shooter can’t see targets, they are less likely to shoot into an empty room. During the Parkland Florida shooting, the shooter did not enter any class rooms and only fired into rooms that he could see victims. (Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission report).

DETER Rapidly reducing the assailants ability to enter into a Shelter In Place location is one of the best means to keep people alive. Hard-Lockdown Cable™ allows a staff member to secure a class room door in a matter of seconds deterring an intruder with the intent to cause harm, from entering.

DISABLE – If the intruder enters and locates targets, Disable must be the final step. The use of Sabre Red Pepper Gel offers a superior option. Deploying Pepper Gel will Distract the intruder and Disable as well.

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